Cleaning out old hard drives can mean that sometimes you come across old treasures.

Back in 2011, for the music festival Peace and Love I wanted to bring my trusty home built “boom-in-da-box”. However, the rules for the festival camping stated that no lead-acid batteries were allowed into the area and the “boom-in-da-box” ran on a car battery + 600W car-amplifier.

To fix this I needed two things:

  1. More energy efficient 12V amplifier.
  2. Smaller speakers.
  3. A box to build in.

I opted to build the speaker inside of an empty wine box, a “chill out” boom box was born. It lasted the festival, but mono-sound and the hassle of AA’s meant this box eventually died.

Here’s the pictures from the project, enjoy 🙂

From this angle it’s difficult to know that this is not an ordinary wine-box.
Samsung Galaxy S phone hooked up, imagine some sweet 2011 tunes playing in the summer sun 🙂
Velcro (Hook-and-loop fasteners) to close to bottom of the box, amplifier and battery pack visible. Much more refined than what I remembered 🙂

That’s it for now – likely there’ll be a post about the other boom boxes if I find any interesting pictures 🙂