Boom in da Box 3.0 – Black Box Edition

This boom box survived for a much longer period of time than the Boom in da box – v1.0 and Chill out box 2011. It was alive and kicking between 2012-2019

Created from sturdy 13mm plywood paired with 6×9″ JBL speakers this thing was a beast, design inspired by the black boxes in airplanes for some reason. Total operational weight: 20-30kg depending on battery 🙂

During the years it survived some abuse and a couple of incidents and only needed minor repairs (like a new battery

Right before midsummer 2019 the lead acid battery died for the second time. This time, instead of fixing it I opted to buy the JBL Boombox since it was: a) available, b) lightweight, c) bluetooth enabled, d) had great sound.

It took 3 years to mentally let go of this memory filled beauty, but in 2022 – it was finally time for it to be retired and recycled for real.

The end.