Boom in da box 1.0

Below is a first version of the boom in the box, anno 2011.

It was built to play music outdoors, engineered to be cheap and loud (and with surprisingly high quality if you didn’t max out the poor old Volvo V40 car speakers from 1998).

This box was active for about 1-2 years and repaired a few times after it had had too much dancing (it fell of bikes more than once, you can see the boxes changing color and style in the pictures).

Below you can see the boom-in-da-box v.1 in it’s natural habitat, surrounded by loud friends, alcohol and plastic boxes.

For some reason the amplifier was outside of the box itself, I’m guessing to allow for cooling in the hot Swedish summer sun (April 30th). The smiley-face ventilation on the back apparently wasn’t enough…

Below is a sound test during the creation of the box.
Cell phones back in 2011 recorded sound … differently 🙂

Listen at your own risk, you have been warned!

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